I’m Josephine, a digital marketer living and working in Rotterdam. You can follow me on Instagram and LinkedIn. If you’d like to get in touch, please email me at hello@josephinebelloni.com

About me

Hi again!


I’m Josephine, an interactive media designer and sometimes photographer. I create digital content like social media posts that stand out. I prefer to work on my Windows PC with Photoshop and Adobe XD. This way I create designs that can be seen anywhere in the world. In my free time I love writing. In my working years I learnt about writing for the internet with SEO. I am always fascinated how websites use their tone of voice to trigger people.


I can help you with online marketing, SEO, copywriting, social media, branding, creating content, brainstorming and recommending some good books (about developing your business and yourself).

I strongly believe that a successful life, personal values and the way you do business should be connected. I try to keep my eyes on the big picture and care about creating a positive impact however I can.

Interested in my work?

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